Petra Ackermann
Trail Of Beauty
"Joy of Summer"

"Joy of Summer"

  • 60 x 72 cm
Category: Originals
Media: Oils
Framed: None
Availability: Contact Artist

"Sunrise over Toroweap"
"Sea and Sky"
"Morning Sun "
"Sunset Glow"
"The Wave"
"Mountain Magic"
"Far Away"
"The Enchanted Lake"
"After the Rain"
"Hidden Falls"
"Secret Falls"
"Strong Surf"
"Fascination Waterfall"
"A Moment in Time and Space"
"For Vanessa"
"Desert Dream "
"Joy of Summer"
"Joy of Summer"
"For Diarmuid"
"The Magic of Lake Abiquiu"
"Lake Abiquiu"
"For Torsten "
"Rain over the Lake"
"Enchanted Land"
"Winter Magic"
"Enchanted Falls"
"Storm Clouds"
"Morning Magic"
"Grey Skies"
"The Beach"
"Enchanted Lake"
"Calm Waters"
"The Pink Cloud"
" Connemara"
"Morning Splendor"
"Where there is a Dream"
"A Cloudy Day"
"Cochiti Impressions"
"New Mexico Impressions"
"A Perfect Day"
"Evening Splendor"
"A New Morning"
"Nightfall "
"Red Rocks"
"Evening Glow"
"Desert Storm "
"Golden Sunset- Lake Powell"
"Calm Seas"
"Stormy Skies"
"A Magical Day"
"Winter Storm"
"Into the Unknown"
"Morning Mists"
"For Candie"
"Approaching Thunderstorm"
"Last Light"
"Cielo Colorado "
"Desert Glow"
"Desert Lake"
"The Southwind"
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