Petra Ackermann
Trail Of Beauty
Lake Abiquiu - New Mexico


  • 60 x 60 cm
Category: Originals
Media: Oils
Framed: None
Availability: Sold

"After the Rain"
"The Enchanted Lake"
"Joy of Summer"
"The Magic of Lake Abiquiu"
"Lake Abiquiu"
"Rain over the Lake"
"The Pink Cloud"
"Morning Splendor"
"A Cloudy Day"
"Cochiti Impressions"
"New Mexico Impressions"
"A Perfect Day"
"A New Morning"
"Nightfall "
"Evening Glow"
"A Magical Day"
"For Candie"
"Approaching Thunderstorm"
"Cielo Colorado "
"The Southwind"
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